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As one of the top integrated milk & dairy products companies, we ensure that each and every product that reaches our customers is nothing but the best.

Alpha Milkfoods Pvt. Ltd. is undoubtedly one of the most reputed and respected dairy product manufacturers in the nation. This hard-earned respect and repute came slowly and steadily through our diligence and intention to churn out nothing but the best. Even after having a well-established global retail presence, being an integrated dairy product company, we cater to both institutional and retail customers to their utmost satisfaction. With a pan India network of marketing, sales, and distribution, we reach out to different corners of the nation to offer a wide variety of dairy products. Managed by a 40 years old business group having diversified business interests, we have over the years gained the trust and in turn has ranked as the preferred supplier for bulk customers, large institutions and reputed multinationals. Alpha Milkfoods also has a very strong footprint globally and is one of the top exporters of dairy products to a customer network spread across 20 countries.

milk powder exporters
milk powder exporters

Alpha Milkfoods is one of the few dairy product manufacturers with so much experience and technical know-how of the industry. It is our knowledge that propelled us to build efficient world-class production facilities which further enabled us with a milk handling capacity of 6,00,000 liters per day. With the most modern state-of-the-art technology we ensure that each of our products matches the international quality standards. All our products are manufactured and packed under high & pressure control hygienic conditions with zero human touch in the entire production and packaging process. All Alpha Milkfoods products are currently marketed under the brand names Farmer Fresh and Fontana.

Strategically located at Hathras, Uttar Pradesh in North India, our manufacturing facility runs like a well-oiled machine under the expert supervision of a specialized senior management team along with experienced promoters who have been super supportive with persistent efforts to establish Alpha Milkfoods as an iconic dairy company across India and beyond. With a wide range of products, at Alpha Milkfoods, we are able to cater to varied preferences across several consumer segments. Staying true to one of our brand communications – ‘Far More Fresh, Farm More Healthy’, we essentially implicate the very essence of our product range.

Values that drive us

“The happiness quotient of a work environment affects directly on the end-product. At Alpha Milkfoods, we take our happiness quotient very seriously.”


Alpha Milkfoods was founded with the sheer commitment to provide fresh and healthy dairy food products. With decades of operations, we are still driven by the same commitment that’s ingrained in the mindset of everyone working for this organization. Every single person working with us is here because he or she wants to be; working here gives them happiness and the same happiness is reflected in our products.


To get ahead in the race is one thing, but to stay ahead in the race is completely a different game altogether – this we have figured out with our experience long back. For this, we are constantly improving by means of innovation. We search for better ways of doing things so that our processes, products, and people are always ahead of the curve.


It all starts with assurance. The trust of our valued customer base is built on our assurance to bring the freshest and healthiest daily food products. But in the core lies the ability to stand up to their expectations which we do every time. Also, our assurance is not only towards the clients, it is also towards our workforce to provide them with a healthy and happy working place – another promise we always stand up to.


We aspire to lead as the world's most trusted and respected dairy food manufacturer and supplier with the best quality products and the "preferred choice" for all our customers, suppliers, and employees.


To build a sustainable and enduring relationship with our customers and client base while inspiring healthier communities by providing excellent quality products at a competitive price. We, at Alpha Milkfoods Pvt. Ltd. we operate with our own set of 3Ps, that is – Procure the best > Produce the best > Provide the best.

To procure the best, produce the best and provide the best. 

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