Corporate Team

Alpha Milkfoods was founded by Mr. Vipin Gupta (Chairman & Managing Director) and Mr. Smarth Gupta (Director). As a connoisseur duo with enormous experience and outstanding mastery of the industry, they have set forth a new vision and growth path.

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Mr. Vipin Gupta

(MBA), Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Vipin Gupta is a dynamic personality who has made Alpha Milkfoods soar higher above other competitors with resolute drive and passion by expanding, establishing, and increasing its consumer base exponentially. As an individual with an indomitable spirit and excellent decision-making skills, he has a great capacity to accomplish complex tasks easily, which has helped him ensure Alpha's huge success.

Asa headman in the industry, he has created a unique quality control system by implementing flawless value-based strategies that enrich his record of outstanding contributions to the organization. His position as the Managing Director, having complete control over the workings of the Alpha, has allowed him to function according to his effectual philosophy, which has always produced positive results. Mr. Vipin Gupta is a man with vision and excellence committed to taking Alpha Milkfoods to the crest of success.

Mr. Smarth Gupta


Mr. Smart Gupta holds an MBA degree from Narsee Monjee, Mumbai. He co-founded Alpha Milk Foods after serving exceptionally at Grant Thorton (Merger & Acquisition). He aims to use his financial and business know-how to improve the dairy Industry at Alpha.

His dynamic leadership skills, passion for excellence and business mindset has speedily accelerated the growth of the company manifold, resulting in increased profitability and customer retention and satisfaction. He is a visionary with deep insights. His commitment to bringing the best quality without compromising on the taste sets him aside as an entrepreneur with strong values and principles.

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