Business Verticals

With a world-class production facility that enables us with a milk handling capacity of around 6,00,000 litres per day, we at Alpha Milkfoods Pvt.Ltd., ensure that our dairy products reach far and wide, to every corner of this nation and beyond.




Litres capacity per day

We have a strong global footprint with a customer network spread across 20 countries. Naturally, we have diverse business verticals with different sets of clients from B2B to B2C and everything in-between.


Institutional –B2B

As one of the leading dairy products manufacturers of the nation, we take immense pride in the top-notch quality we maintain for our products. This the reason we have tied up with some of the top MNCs and offer the largest multi-product basket to the multinationals in India. Not just in India, even catering overseas, we cater to a range of industries such as Ice Cream Industry, Chocolate Industry, Dairy Industry,Biscuit Industry, Bakery & Confectionery Industry, Tea Premix Industry, Sweets & NamkeenIndustry, & Ready to Food Industry.


Private Label

It is the quality of our products that make them so much desirable and sought out by the end customer. This desirability factor is not only seen for our brand Farmer Fresh but also other reputed brands for which we do private label and contract manufacturing for various products. Some of our clients in this category are Organic India, Sow Fresh, etc.



As a brand, as much as we are sought out in India, with a customer network spread across 20 countries, we are one of the reputedexporters of the nation and sought-out dairy product manufacturers for various types of industries and customers abroad. With a range of quality dairy products, Alpha Milkfoods Pvt.Ltd. has registered its presence in the international business in countries such as the USA, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Nepal, etc. along with various West African countries such as Ivory Coast, Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal, etc.



Organic food products are very much in vogue with more and more people opting for organic or organically manufactured products for the betterment of health and their own wellbeing. At Alpha Milkfoods Pvt.Ltd., we ensure our 100% dedication towards the production of Organic Milk. This means all our animals are fed with a mixed ration of organically certified forages and grains with vitamins and minerals in addition to pasture during the grazing season. We make sure that none of our cows are treated with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Tending to the organic product requirement of our clients, we are manufacturing premium quality organic products for institutional customersona national and international level.


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