Dairy Whitener : Magica

Farmer Fresh Dairy Whitener is prepared from fresh milk and sugar, packed in a moisture resistance packing material. This quality product when added to the water creates no lumps and gets easily dissolved in water. We are one of the few companies in India, that has a specially designed evaporator and dryer to evaporate the milk and sugar solution together. It is our USP and we manufacture Dairy Whitener for leading FMCG companies.

It makes your tea/coffee milky, rich, and creamy while offering a tasty and healthy experience so that you can get a thicker and tastier cup every time. It enhances the quality of the beverage by lifting its taste.

Available Packs

  • 500 gm
  • 1 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 25 kg
  • Energy (kcal)- 437
  • Protein(g)- 20
  • Fat(g) 18
  • Calcium(mg)- 1000
  • Total Carbohydrate(g)- 50
  • Total Fat(g)
  • Added Sugar(g)- 18
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