India is the greatest producer and exporter of dairy products in the world

India is now one of the leading producers and exporters of dairy products in the world. As a nation, India’s dairy industry is highly developed and contributes to a large part of the country’s economy. Dairy production has become an important part of India’s economic success, with both government-run and private operations producing large amounts […]

Which is the Best Cow Ghee Brand in India?

No other food in the history of mankind has got so much attention from the world press as ghee or clarified butter. Over the years, a lot of research work has been carried out with a focus on ghee, and today this miraculous food element has become a staple in modern kitchens for a large […]

4 Amazing Facts that Science Has Revealed about Whole Milk Powder

Milk in powdered form is obtained through the evaporation process until it leaves behind milk solids. These solids are further processed and condensed by the top milk powder for baby exporters in India under controlled temperatures. It is also made sure during the evaporation process that no nutrient that milk in its original form contains is lost. […]

Dairy Products and Their Connection with Health and Fitness

Any food item made from the milk of mammals is called a dairy product. Dairy products are used across the globe and are manufactured by making use of cows’ milk and buffalos’ milk. Some special dairy products are also made using goat’s milk, and they are well-known for having surprising medicinal benefits. Apart from milk, […]

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