Which is the Best Cow Ghee Brand in India?

Cow Ghee

No other food in the history of mankind has got so much attention from the world press as ghee or clarified butter. Over the years, a lot of research work has been carried out with a focus on ghee, and today this miraculous food element has become a staple in modern kitchens for a large number of reasons. We will discuss in the later part of the blog which brand’s cow ghee is best, but first, let’s take a look at some of the essentials and health advantages of cow ghee.

Nutritional value of Cow Ghee at a glance

  • 100 ml of ghee gives 883 calories of energy
  • Ghee is pure fat with no proteins, carbohydrates, sugar, or fiber 
  • 100 ml of ghee contains almost 99.8 grams of fat
  • Most of the fat present in ghee is saturated fat
  • Ghee also contains cholesterol
  • Ghee is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K 
  • It also contains butyric acid.

Here are some of the top health benefits of cow ghee

Cow ghee for digestion

Indigestion or constipation is one of the most common problems that more than 80% of the global population is facing today. In the name of modern medicines, the available remedies today include only laxatives and other stool softeners which cannot be considered an ideal solution. As per the medical fraternity, indigestion or constipation has a direct connection with the weak digestive system of an individual.

Pure and organic cow ghee produced by the top manufacturers of dairy products in India helps maintain excellent gut health by revitalizing the secretion of the necessary enzymes that break down food in the human digestion system. Cow ghee is also well-known to have long-chain fatty acids which get metabolized fast and the body can absorb them almost effortlessly. Cow ghee also acts as a panacea for making the bowl movement better as it lubricates the interior walls of the human intestines.

Cow ghee for diabetics

Diabetes is considered to be the mother of all diseases and doctors always advise patients to avoid all types of fats. It is because most sources of fats available these days come with bad fats that create many other health problems in the body of diabetes patients. But when it comes to cow ghee produced by the organic ghee brands in India, things are satisfactory because cow ghee contains good fats in a handsome amount. There are two types of fats – good and bad. Bad fats are the reasons behind all types of heart and liver ailments whereas good fats act as the enhancer of all the body functions. When you consume good fats, your lipid profile starts getting better with each passing day. As for diabetics, cow ghee contains no fats at all and therefore can be consumed without any second thought subjecting to the daily exercise routine. 

Cow ghee for reducing the glycemic index

There is a standard practice in India in which people spread ghee over chapters during each meal time. Cow ghee has the power to reduce the glycemic index of every food item where it is applied. The Glycemic index is the capacity of food items to release glucose in the stomach after you eat something. When you eat things having loads of glycemic index, your insulation levels spike suddenly. And when it becomes regular, you start developing chances of falling prey to diabetes.

Therefore, if you apply some ghee over chapatis, you reduce the risk of diabetes. Reducing the glycemic load and index has become the need of the hour not only for those suffering from diabetes but also for those who want to stay healthy throughout their life. It is important because whatever we are consuming or eating gets stored in the body in the absence of physical activities. Under such a scenario, it would be better to avoid edibles with a heavy glycemic load and index.

Cow ghee is good for heart

Much like all other fats, ghee is also considered to be the most prominent villain behind raised cholesterol levels and a disturbed lipid profile. But when it comes to cow ghee for heart health, it is safer than all types of refined oils. Almost all doctors advise heart patients to go for zero-oil food because of unsaturated fats which refined oils contain in a profuse amount. Modern medical science says that the fats that cow ghee contains are made of long-chain fatty acids which are used by the human body as the instant source of energy, and not stored as fat in the liver and other parts of the body, particularly the belly region. Doctors suggest that cow ghee can be consumed in moderate quantities as a source of unsaturated fats.

Best cow ghee brand in India

As far as the best cow ghee brand in India is concerned, Alpha Milkfoods Pvt. Ltd. is undoubtedly one of the most reputed and respected dairy product manufacturers in the country. The company adopts the best manufacturing practices in all its plants which are manned by dedicated, experienced, and professional manpower. The process cycle of the company includes: 

  • Farmer – it procures milk directly from thousands of farmers so that the freshness of the products can be maintained.
  • Bulk Milk Cooler- it stores the procured milk in the optimal condition
  • Processing and Packing – it carries out processing and packaging of the collected milk in a state-of-the-art facility
  • Milk Distribution it distributes milk across a country-wide network.

From the infrastructure’s point of view, Alpha Milkfoods Pvt. Ltd holds the position of top dairy products manufacturer in the country. The company has the largest procurement networks with four super-functioning milk chilling centers across India for efficient milk functioning. The company currently has 4 milk chilling centers (MCCs) to procure milk and Milk Analyzers in approx. 550 villages with about 40,000 farmer bases to collect milk directly from Village Level & farmer (VLCs). More details regarding the company’s complete product profile can be explored on its website. 

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