Buttermilk –A Natural Health Booster

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It is delicious to relish upon a glass of buttermilk in hot summers. It is even better when subtle spices are integrated to enhance the zest of the drink, to make it an appetizing blend of flavor and nutrition. Since buttermilk is used by bakeries and confectionaries in India, as well as overseas, butter milk powder manufacturer India supplies bulk quantities of dehydrated buttermilk to these facilities. 

The history of buttermilk is linked with Indians and Irish as consuming dairy and its byproducts has been a tradition for both. Yet, several misconceptions are spread about buttermilk, which try to convince that-

  • Buttermilk is fatty making it unfitting for people on diet. 
  • Buttermilk is not suitable to consume in winters. 

However, buttermilk has numerous health benefits that people may not, even, have imagined. The delivery of buttermilk all over the world by butter manufacturers ensures its increasing popularity. It is a healthy alternative for bridging nutritional gaps in human bodies every day. In this blog, we will light-up those health benefits of buttermilk that you may have not observed before. 

Natural Coolant for Summers

Traditionally known as mattha or chaas, buttermilk is an effective remedy to turn off the built-up heat in your body. Buttermilk can restore your depleted energy levels, which is a repercussion of being out in the scorching heat of sun. Multitudes are still thriving on chemical-based cold drinks to beat up that heat. Although, science has already proved their adverse effects on human’s health. 

On the other hand, buttermilk promotes natural health enhancement through products made out of milk. A glass of buttermilk is useful in soothing hot flashes, as well, in the patients of high blood pressure and thyroid. Whenever you are hit by unbearable heat waves of summer, buttermilk becomes an unbeatable antidote.    

Supports your Gut Health 

Gut issues have become prevalent all over the world. National Center of Biotechnology Information, USA has released a data, as per which about 11% of the global population is affected by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Your gut is the central character in your body supporting your overall wellbeing. Lack of focus, irritability, insomnia, and weakened immunity are the results of an unhealthy gut. Buttermilk is a natural medicine in promoting your gut health. 

Drinking buttermilk every day, along with an altered diet-plan as per your body type, can improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients in your body. It becomes a healthy drink for those who are aiming to lose weight as it nurtures your metabolism.  

Strengthens your Bones

Buttermilk is an amazing source of calcium. Bone health is becoming a major concern with the current lifestyle in adults. People do not consume food items containing calcium and heavily rely on supplements to support their bone health. Calcium is a power-packed nutrient that makes it essential for nerves and muscles to keep them functioning properly. It is better to take them from natural and unrefined sources.  

An average serving, i.e. a cup, of buttermilk has 22% of calcium. If taken in sufficient quantities, it can nourish a significant portion of your daily requirement.        

Boosts your Energy 

Nourishing your bodies with calories on daily basis is essential to provide them the energy they need. To combat the unhealthy eating habits, it is better to consume calories from healthier food items. A basic serving of buttermilk contains about 90 calories. It makes buttermilk a great option for nourishing your daily calorie consumption. 

The general calorie intake ranges from 2000 to 2500. Since taking all the calories at apt intervals is better than consuming all of them at once, buttermilk can become a part of your daily diet to satiate your calories intake.  

Combatting Dehydration

Buttermilk is the perfect recipe for recovering from dehydration. Someone suffering from food poisoning or indigestion can benefit a lot from drinking buttermilk. It has a significant water content to soothe your intestines. 

You can consume buttermilk in case of diarrhea for stopping further storage of food in your system. Besides, its various nutrients like protein and calcium along with calories keeps does not let you feel hungry without anything further. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

Buttermilk is a fermented dairy product, which endows it anti-inflammatory properties. It becomes a great supplement for healing inflammatory issues in your body. When immune system begins to attack tissues of an individual’s body, it results in inflammation. 

Dieticians suggest buttermilk as a replacement due to its properties that are helpful in reducing inflammation, when consumed regularly. It is a great option for those who are suffering from auto-immune health conditions. Also, such properties of buttermilk make it a healthy drink for winters. However, Ayurveda suggests consuming non-chilled buttermilk that too in day time, during winters.  

Buttermilk is being consumed in Indian households for a very long time. It is a part of staple diet for many. The butter exporters from India have adopted the method of churning out buttermilk from the Indian households. It is just that the large machines have replaced the butter churns that were traditionally used. 

Nowadays, buttermilk is used, largely in the process of baking. It adds the required zest in the cakes, biscuits, and pizza base. It is an amazing rising agent for dough. When it is blended with a little baking soda, buttermilk gives softest texture to various food items such as idlis and breads. It softens the gluten content in flours. Hence using it in baking endows softer texture to baked food items. 

Then, now, and after! 

As the world is, gradually, shifting toward healthier food habits, buttermilk is going to have a win–win situation for everyone. From being a natural coolant to a superb energy drink, buttermilk plays many significant roles in your daily diet. It has gained prominence for its digestive properties. Thus, it has become the part of a diet followed by IBS patients, as an amazing probiotic.  

It is one of those indigenously developed food products that were used as an important part of the meal. The methods of making buttermilk have significantly evolved. State-of-the-art machinery and sour cream is put to use for churning out buttermilk in different parts of the world. Even though the methods of churning buttermilk have evolved a lot and the ingredients put to use are modified, its benefits are still the same as before.        

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