5 Reasons Why Cow Ghee is an Ayurvedic Miracle for Diabetes Management

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After heart disease, India has become the world capital for diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is an incurable disease so far. Medical science has been struggling with it for the past 200 years, but still, no medicine is available to cure it permanently. Whatever is available can only help in its management. Devising an appropriate meal plan is the only way to manage diabetes and live a normal life. Although, there are a large number of remedies in Ayurveda that help manage diabetes, cow ghee produced by some of the top cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India is considered to be a great option for many reasons.


This blog discusses 5 reasons behind why cow ghee has proven to be a panacea for diabetes patients:


1. Cow ghee has a low glycemic index


Produced by the top cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India, cow ghee is well known for its low glycemic index. The Glycemic index is the ability of a particular food item to release the amount of glucose in the human body. The lower the glycemic index, the better the control on diabetes. Although any type of ghee is considered pure fat and used as an oily kitchen agent, it has proven to be very beneficial for the entire human body.


People suffering from diabetes can include cow ghee in their planned diet as part of good fat. As cow ghee has a low glycemic load, it does not increase sugar levels substantially in the human blood. It has a medicinal effect on the blood sugar management of diabetes patients. Ghee is always on the positive side among all types of fats and oils available for cooking.


2. Cow ghee acts as a source of good fat for diabetes patients


When the sugar levels of diabetes patients remain uncontrolled for longer durations, the concerned patients start losing weight very fast. It happens because whatever they eat goes in vain because of the insulin resistance shown by the receptors of the cells. The patients cannot take advantage of whatever they eat. As a result, when the metabolic system doesn’t get any energy source to run the body, it starts burning the available fat.


First of all, all the excessive fat in the belly area burn, and then the pattern goes to the other part of the body. The fat burning continues and the patients keep losing weight. Over the years, the patients suffering from diabetes lose around 60% of their body weight. Under this situation, cow ghee produced by the top cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India acts as an excellent source of good fats in the diet of diabetes patients.


3. Ghee is not much processed and preserved


One of the most important aspects associated with cow ghee is that it is not much processed and preserved. Most of the top cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India have established their own dedicated collection centers where they manage the inventory of the milk. It takes only a few days to extract pure ghee from the cow milk. Most of the cows are native and their ghee is always considered not less than medicine.


As far as the patients with diabetes are concerned, they are advised to avoid all types of processed food items. It is because food items that are processed increase the levels of sugar in the human blood faster than any other item. Therefore, cow ghee proves best for patients with diabetes.


4. Cow ghee is best for diabetes reversal


In the year 1989, it was found that diabetes is of two types – type -1 and type – 2. More than 90% of total diabetics are suffering from type-2 diabetes. The primary cause of type-2 diabetes is insulin resistance in the body. On the other hand, in type-1 diabetes, the human pancreas produces no insulin at all and the patients become completely insulin-dependent. When the medical fraternity, as well as patients, got a clear picture of type-2 diabetes, the concept of diabetes reversal came into existence.


In a diabetes reversal program, carbohydrates are reduce to the extreme limits in the patients’ diet. They consume only vegetable soups for about 1 year continuously. Meanwhile, to meet the good fat requirements of the body, they are given cow ghee produce and supply by the companies that are involve in cow ghee export from India.


5. Cow ghee has the power to treat weak and disturbed metabolism


Cow ghee has a very high smoking point. Therefore, it retains almost all the nutritional elements while you cook something using it. As far as, patients with diabetes are concerned, they always lack a wide range of nutrients in their body because of their disturbed metabolism. They lack vitamin D, omega -3 and 6 fatty acids, and various others. Due to weak metabolism, diabetes patients often lack the power of absorbing necessary nutrients.


But when they start consuming cow ghee, they get an ample amount of omega 3 fatty acids which boost their metabolism and the overall capability of absorbing all the essential nutrients. Cow ghee also helps the liver to utilize calories as an immediate source of energy. This way, it also helps diabetes patients to lose weight. It is because no additional fat gathers on the inner side of the belly.


Overall, cow ghee produce by the top cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India is consider to be a great remedy for people suffering from diabetes. But, as far as the amount is concerned, you need to consult your doctor because the fat requirements of all patients are different.


Concluding Remarks


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