Top 7 Health Benefits of Cow Ghee You Might Not Know

cow ghee

Cow ghee is one of the most treasured foods in Ayurveda. It has incredible healing properties. It is one of the most common staples in almost all Indian kitchens. Macrobiotic Nutritionists and Health Practitioners in India believe that replacing cow ghee with refined oils is one of the greatest blunders that we have made in the past 20-30 years.

All the leading cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India provide ghee that has the following properties:

  • Cow ghee consists of fat-soluble vitamins
  • Cow ghee helps balance hormones and maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Also has a high smoking point
  • Cow ghee contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids
  • It is also rich in Vitamin A.

Cow ghee also finds applications in almost all the rituals apart from uses in kitchens. This blog sheds light on some of the most prominent health benefits of cow ghee:

1. Cow ghee for digestion

Around 70% of the global population is facing the problem of indigestion. Cow ghee has proved to be a panacea for indigestion. It revitalizes the secretion of enzymes to boost digestion. Cow ghee contains lower chain fatty acids. So, our digestive system can absorb and metabolize it with ease.

People who are suffering from any indigestion-related problem must include cow ghee in their diet. It is because cow ghee helps the human body to break down foods in an effective manner.

Cow ghee is a rare food that also helps in balancing bile with no compromise on intestinal strength. Cow ghee is also a great remedy to treat constipation. If you take cow ghee with lukewarm water at bedtime, you will have a smooth bowel movement in the morning. This is the reason the cow ghee export from India is increasing year after year.

2. Cow ghee for bones and brain health

All the leading cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India provide ghee that helps in enhancing bone strength and stamina. It is because cow ghee is a rich source of fat-soluble vitamins. Some of the combined benefits of cow ghee for bones and brain include the following:

  • Cow ghee aids in healthy growth of bones and brain
  • It also regulates their proper functioning
  • The human body absorbs cow ghee at a sustained level
  • Cow ghee strengthens immunity against a large number of disorders
  • It helps develops body tissues
  • Cow ghee helps sensory organs to function appropriately
  • Cow ghee offers great results in increasing wisdom and memory.

3. Cow ghee for heart patients

India has seen a never before growth in the number of heart patients. All the leading cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India provide cow ghee that can help manage heart health. Cow ghee contains a sufficient amount of vitamin K2 which brings down the deposition of calcium in the arteries.

So, the arteries remain unaffected by the calcification. Cow ghee also reduces bad cholesterol levels. As a result, good cholesterol levels come up. Cardiologists advise heart patients not to consume any kind of fats. But cow ghee has proved to be a great remedy even for heart patients.

4. Cow ghee for weight management

People often consider ghee responsible for their increasing weight. But it is not true in the case of cow ghee. Rather, cow ghee is helpful in both losing and gaining weight. Cow ghee contains a good amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) that increases the metabolic rate.

A good metabolic rate always supports a weight reduction regimen. As cow ghee also does not have any hydrogenated fat contents, it blocks all the deposition of unwanted fat in the body. This is the reason the cow ghee export from India is increasing year after year.

5. Cow ghee for effective diabetes management

Although doctors advise diabetes patients not to consume any kind of fat, cow ghee is an exception here also. Chronic disease like diabetes begins with insulin resistance. And, resistance begins in the body around 5-7 years before developing diabetes.

All the leading cow ghee wholesale suppliers in India provide cow ghee which helps bring down the resistance of insulin in the body. Thus, it plays a very pivotal role in preventing diabetes. Even when someone develops diabetes, he or she can consume cow ghee in a moderate amount to prevent further insulin resistance.

6. Cow ghee for babies

Pure cow ghee is a must for kids and toddlers. It provides kids with balanced nourishment. Cow ghee promotes healthy growth and strengthens their bones, muscles, teeth, and brain. It controls hunger pangs among kids and meets the needs of instant energy.

Cow ghee is getting immensely popular across the world these days due to its rich and healthy properties. As a result, the cow ghee export from India is increasing year after year.

7. Cow ghee for healthy and safe pregnancy

Today, a healthy and safe pregnancy is a dream for many. Pregnancy-related complications are taking ladies into their grip in that specific period. Cow ghee has proved to be a great remedy for having a safe and healthy pregnancy. Almost all the Ayurveda physicians suggest cow ghee to pregnant ladies.

Pregnant ladies have more nourishment requirements than ladies in general. They need more vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals to feed their babies in the womb. Some of the major benefits of cow ghee for pregnant ladies include the following:

  1. Cow ghee is a great source of instant energy for pregnant ladies
  2. It increases their metabolism rate
  3. It does not allow additional fats to accumulate in the body, particularly in the belly area
  4. Safeguards the newborns from a large number of birth defects
  5. It protects against vertebral, bone disorders, and malnutrition
  6. It ensures the mother and baby receive all the essential vitamins and minerals.

The Bottom Line

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